Villa Takila

Päijänteen rannalla


Activities and yearly occurring national events in Padasjoki in the summertime:

The pier and strand of Takila
  • Beach life, sun tanning and fishing (with a fishing rod) on Villa Takila’s shoreline.
  • Jogging and hiking in the Kullasvuori terrain and a fitness track along the Lake Päijänne shoreline by Villa Takila.
  • Boating, lake cruises, camping and kayaking on Lake Päijänne (including kayaking maps and camping routes in the Päijänne National Park archipelago).
  • Berry picking and mushroom hunting excursions  in the surrounding Kullasvuori landscape.
  • Plays at the Padasjoki Summer Theatre (The Summer Theatre Master of 2009)
  • Summertime art exhibitions at Ars Auttoinen, Ars Arrakoski, by the cottage of naive artist Enni Id, art Cafe Pikantti and by Savi summer exhibition.
  • The Sahtimarkkinat traditional “sahti” beer festival.
  • The annual Päijännepurjehdus sailing eventmustikka
  • The annual NESTE OIL RALLY event as part of the FIA World Rally Championship
  • The hiking tours on the Päijänne Ilves route
  • Outdoor exercise areas provided by Padasjoki muncipality, tennis court, volleyball court, basketball court
  • Disc golf ( Frisbee golf) track in Kullasvuori area
  • Football field ( artificial turf)
  • Observation tower in the Kullasvuori area
  • Birdwatching towers in the Padasjoki region
  • The Padasjoki library
  • The Jokihelmi swimming hall and gym
  • Päijänne aquajogging excursion
  • Horse riding
  • End of summer light festival by the harbour
  •  Winter activities
  • Kullasvuori area skiing track ( with lighting) , intermediate to advanced level
  • Skiing tracks on the frozen lake Päijänne, starting point by the Villa Takila pierSkiing and sausages
  • Ice skating rinks by Padasjoki primary school, secondary school and high school
  • Snowmobile tracks in the Padasjoki area
  • The “Arctic Hysteria” sailplane event on the frozen Lake Päijänne
  • “Päijänteen Postihiihto” skiing competition on the frozen Lake Päijänne
  • Horse riding
  • “Kuutamohiihto” full moon skiing  competition on the frozen Lake Päijänne
  • Four of Southern Finland’s largest ski resorts are located close by  (Himos, Sappee, Messilä ja Kalpalinna) and can be reached quickly road ( max 68 kilometers)

Events and activities in nearby towns and muncipalities

      • Lahti organ Festivalflowers
      • The Lahti summer stock theatre
      • The Hämeenlinna summer stock theatre
      • Hämeeninna “Linna Jazz” festival
      • Tampere Theatre Festival
      • Pyynikki Summer Theatre
      • The broad high-quality selection of museums in the cities of Hämeenlinna, Lahti, Jyväskylä and  Tampere
      • Premier division football games of local teams in Hämeenlinna, Lahti, Jyväskylä and Tampere and other sport events
      • “Sysmän Suvisoitto”, a music festival highlighting up-and-coming young classical musicians
      • “Iskelmäfestivaali”, a schlager music festival organised in the Himos ski resort area
      • “Lammin Pellavamarkkinat”, a traditional fair in Lammi
      • The Asikkala art summer
      • The Vääksy canal festival
      • The Anianpelto fair
      • The Sibelius Hall concert and congress centre in Lahti

More information can be found on the websites of each muncipality.

In the wintertime

Participating in the yearly occuring winter events in the neighbouring muncipalities and towns

      • Four of Southern Finland’s largest ski resorts are located close by (Himos, Sappee, Messilä ja Kalpalinna) max (68 km) by roadSkiing and sausages
      • The Lahti Ski Games
      • The Finnish Elite League ice hockey games in Tampere, Hämeenlinna, Lahti and  Jyväskylä
      • “Korisliiga” Top league basketball games in  Lahti, Tampere and  Jyväskylä
      • Other sport events in nearby cities
      • A broad and diverse selection of culture in Hämeenlinna ( at the “Verkatehdas” arts and congress centre among others), in Lahti ( at city theatre, at the Vanha Juko theatre, and at the Sibelius Hall among others), in Tampere (at Tampere theatre, at Workers’ Theatre, at the Tampere Hall Congress and Concert Centre among others) and in Jyväskylä ( at the city theatre) and at several museums and their exhibitions.

More informations can be found on the websites of each muncipality, event and event organiser.